Family Solutions, PLLC

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Welcome to Family Solutions

Family Solutions is a private counseling agency committed to providing comprehensive outpatient mental health services to the Triad region. Serving our community since 2002, our agency consists of twenty-two mental health professionals who are fully/associate level Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC) and  fully/associate level Licensed Clini

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  • Claudia Shapiro, LSWA Claudia recently joined Family Solutions!!  She will be working out of our Burlington office.
  • Staff Spotlight: Kelsey Thompson Eating Disorders, DBT, or EMDR... See more information about Kelsey and her clinical skills.
  • Fees: Medicaid, NC Healthchoice and Private Insurance. Call 899-8800 and/or view bottom of FAQ page for more information about fees.

How Well Do You Express Anger?

Not only does pent-up anger not feel good, but it’s bad for our health, potentially leading to depression, high blood pressure and other stress-related conditions. Learning healthy ways to express anger can help us feel better physically and emotionally and bring more authenticity and intimacy into our lives.

Answer the following true/false questions to discover how well you express anger.