Free Support Group for Kinship Caregivers
2.0 because it’s our second go around
  • We just finished our first group with kinship caretakers and it was a huge success.  So it’s time to do another one!
  • Are you parenting again?  It’s not easy.  Feeling overwhelmed, caught up in the daily grind and raising a child, where can you find help?
  • This is a support group for non-biological parents that have transitioned to taking care of a child or children.  This is also called kinship care.
  • It will be a 5-week support group with 8-10 caregivers in the group.
  • Each week will have a topic of discussion, time of listening and support, sharing resources time and guest speakers.
  • Topics identified through our community survey:
    • Behavior Mgt. Skills
    • Healthy Communication w/Child
    • Caregiver Stress Management
    • Limit Setting w/ Bio-Parents
    • Guardian Caregiver Legal Rights
  • First Group will be Tuesday, May 15th 6:00 – 7:15 PM in our Greensboro office
  • When:  5 Weeks: Every Tuesday from May 15 — June 12.
  • Where:  231 N Spring St., Greensboro, NC
  • How much?  No charge.
  • Registration: Email Megan Oakes or call her @ 336.899.8800 ext. 2 to enroll.
  • Questions About the Group:  Contact our group leader.  Email Lisa Taylor or call her @ 336.899.8800 ext. 44.  See Lisa’s bio here.